What Recession?

Harvey Taylor

Harvey Taylor

I went to an awesome presentation the other day. The sort that grabbed you by the ears and swings you round the room….. YEEeeeeeeeeeeesss!!!

I’ve been reflecting on the content, and a couple of the ‘catch phrases’ that were used have even entered into my vocabulary, like for example, “Never trust anything you can’t put into a wheelbarrow”. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen to me about this man and his amazing theories. And now it’s YOUR turn.

The man in question is Harvey Taylor. Yes that’s him in the photo, and I will be carrying his notes at the bottom of this article. You really must go check this man out, and I’d recommend you sign up for his newsletters.

He explained several of his theories, like the ‘Optimum Moustache Theory’….. don’t even ask, check out the article!!! But the thing that grabbed me most was his opinion on recesssion. He felt ‘There is no such thing as recesssion. One may recede although it is more usual for a tide to recede. People recede from economic activity (trading things with one another) because other people recede from economic activity and there is a basic phenomenon in psychology called social proof. In the absense of any evidence people look to what other people are doing. If I recede, others may follow. The more prominent I am the more people follow me”.

I’d call that ‘talking ourselves into a recession’ wouldn’t you?

He had an exercise that he invited the delegates to take away with them.

  • Make a list of things which you are unhealthily attached to, which do not really exist.
  • Turn them back into things which do, attitudes which you have been adopting, and specific beliefs you have been holding onto. (beating yourself up, telling yourself you are useless – that kind of thing).
  • Decide which of these things that you are doing is self-limiting.
  • Do something different (eg wear someone else’s pants on your head or something).
  • Adopt new attitudes and beliefs. (Tell your self that you are lovely beacause Harvey says so and he is nearly always right about these things).
  • Be happy
  • Trade more
This material was created and is owned by Harvey Taylor and HBT (UK) Ltd. It may be used in any context for any life enhancing purpose providing this message is clearly displayed. Where the use of this material generates a financial profit for the person or the legal entity using it, these persons or legal entities will be resposible for informing Harvey Taylor and HBT (UK) Ltd and will be required to share a reasonable portion of this profit with Harvey Taylor and HBT (UK) Ltd in proportion to the profit generated by the use of the said materials. Harvey Taylor and HBT (UK) Ltd may be contacted at harvey@hbtuk.com Please also visit their website at http://www.hbtuk.com.

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