Are you confused about your image?

Confused about your image?

Confused about your image?

My clients often see me as a consultant.

They come to me with a scenerio or problem and seek a solution.

With open-minded, well prepared clients, it’s not that hard to assist, but I’d like to share with you a case study that occurred just this week.

 My client has already had embroidered corporate clothing for his team. He had been fairly precise over his requirements:
* Classy Shirts
* Non button-down collar
* Breast pocket
* Short Sleeved shirts
* High cotton content

We met these requirements, and embroidered all of the garments (polo shirts and jackets all featured in the spec), and all was well.

The time had come for some new clothing, and he had made the decision to go for a different shirt. I questioned him on the specifics, and he hit me with the exact same wish list. When I told him this, he said, “Yes, the same, but different”.  Simple stuff then, simple white or pale blue corporate shirts? YES came the reply. So imagine my suprise, when he then picked out a garment that was very sporty, with big thick coloured inserts. “There you go, that’s what I’d like”, he told me. So that’s what I quoted him.

Take a look.

Branded corporate shirts

Branded corporate shirts

These are the shirts he so liked, and so these are the shirts we quoted for to him. All nicely embroidered with his logo, and available in his corporate colours, navy blue and white. You need to visualise them in mainly WHITE, with a deep blue detail.
So far so good?

Guess what his wife said when she took a look at his proposal?

“Gee honey, they look like bowling shirts”.

Guess what he said in response to this?

“Yeh, you’re right. I think we need to keep it simple. Maybe just a plain white or pale blue shirt”.

“Richard, Can you help with this, these are too sporty?”

Don’t you just love it when a client knows exactly what they want?


3 Responses to “Are you confused about your image?”

  1. Linda Parkinson-Hardman Says:

    I know exactly what you mean Richard – I have a similar problem at the moment with one of my clients who is in danger of going off in too many directions all at once and risking burnout, simply because she wants to ‘do it all’ ……! But at least she is enthusiastic and motivated, meaning I can do a lot with her.

  2. It seems like your client wanted to make a change in the corporate embroidered wear he chose for his employees, but alas reverted back to the safe more mainstream choice.

    Hopefully your client is happy with his choice.

  3. Nice point Tim
    I see that you are in the same line of work….
    I like your offering. Could we do the same thing in the UK?

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