What Are Your Values?

I met an interesting guy this week. His business is all about ‘HR’ or Human Resources. What that means to me is that he works with companies giving advice on how to get the best out of their staff, how to support them, recruit them, train them and if all else fails, to fire them.

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How Do You Value Your People?

He had something interesting to say about how he assesses a company prior to working with them. Seeing as how he is far more of an expert on this than I can ever be, I was intetersted in what he had to say. It turns out that he was making a very simple judgement, VERY early on in their initial meeting. In fact, whilst the company thought they were interviewing him, as part of a selection process, it was the other way around. HE was interviewing them!!!

He had a very simple premise.

He’d ask them a ‘loaded’ question. He’d ask them how they viewed their staff. Do they seem them as a commodity, a cost on the bottom line than can be off-loaded when times are tough. Or, do they see their staff as assets, something to be nurtured and developed.

If it was the former, he’d politely and discretely find a way NOT to work with them. Now let me be clear here. He was VERY FIRM about this. He was absolutely NOT going to work with any company that viewed their staff in this way, EVER.

I liked this man. Life is tough, and we all need business don’t we? But here was someone saying, ‘You know what, there’s more to life than money’. His mantra was about working with your assets, getting the right ones, and then working with them, to get the VERY best out of them. That gave me a nice warm feeling. It was good to meet someone from the ‘HR’ section that thought this way, but it also made me reflect on people I meet in business, and indeed, in life.

Life is indeed a journey, and there are people we meet who enrich our lives, and who stay with us, through thick and thin (and for better or for worse), and then there are others, who don’t survive the journey. On a personal note, this has been a week where I feel ‘let down’. People come into your life, and make statements about their intentions and values, and sometimes, it turns out to be something else entirely. I am determined that I will continue to take each and every person that I meet as a new opportunity to meet a friend and not to attach negative energy to them based on previous experiences. If I get hurt, then so be it.

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