A Promotional Gift That Will Hang Around

If you knew with absolute certainty, that a doing a simple thing like giving your customers or potential customers a promotional gift would bring you NEW business, you’d do it wouldn’t you? No question, you’d be handing things out left right and centre, (all branded to ensure they remember you of course).

Promotional Gifts That Work

Promotional Gifts That Work

 The problem is, nobody can guarantee you’ll get business. All I can do is show you case studies and other examples that clearly demonstrate a clear return on your investment (ROI) by using promotional gifts to market and develop your sales plan. As long as you think through the ‘who, what, when, where, how and why’, but that’s another story.

The best thing about promotional giveaways, is that the best ones can hang around for ages. I see them as ticking bombs, only you don’t know how long the fuse is. Imagine if you can, ALL of the business cards you’ve ever given away are still in existance, in pristine condition, and are all on potential customers desks. That’s what I mean by ‘ticking bombs’, they could ‘go off’ and get a reaction at any time, resulting in a potential customer getting in touch with you. That’s why you give away your business cards isn’t it? Well, that’s what the very best promotional gifts and giveaways will do, they will hang around, and be in view, or even constant use, for years, all acting as ticking bombs for your business. Powerful stuff eh? That’s why I can show you plenty of examples of these things working for you, my customers are always telling me what works.

Let me give you just one example:

I was chatting to a client just last week, who, out of the blue said, “Do you remember those Jumbo Sized Paperclips we did a few years back?” Of course I remembered, and so she went on to tell me how she had given hundreds of them away, and that just the other week, had received a phone call from someone she didn’t even remember giving one to, who said, “thank goodness you’ve answered your phone. I couldn’t find your business card anywhere, in fact, I couldn’t even remember your companies’ name, and then I found this great BIG paperclip that I use to keep all my VAT receipts in one place, and it has your contact details on it”. The phone call finished with a new sales order, all from a paperclip that had been given away more than two years ago!!!! But what a paperclip.

Jumbo Sized Paperclips

Jumbo Sized Paperclips

They are called JUMBO paperclips for a reason. They are just so BIG, and are availaable in more than 30 different colours, some even sparkly, but also, have so many uses. Think about the ways you could use a colourful paperclip, thats big enough to hold a whole wedge of paperwork or receipts. They even have a little hole in the top, and I have seen a whole row of them hanging off hooks on a wall, all with various documents clipped into them, and all BRANDED.

Think about the typical ‘value’ to your business of a new customer. Do you have that figure in your brain? I can tell you that I’ve yet to work with a business, where the cost of purchasing a typical promotional gift is not covered by the first order from a new customer. And that’s just one promotional gift, in the case of the Jumbo Paperclips, my client had ordered 1,000. Imagine that, 1,000 ticking bombs, that could go off and win you business at any time.

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