Dentist Gets The Bug

Fluffy Toothpaste Holding Bug

Fluffy Toothpaste Holding Bug

One of my local clients asked me for some fresh ideas to help him promote his business. He’s a local dentist, specialising in being ‘gentle’. He had run several promotional gift ideas with me and was now looking for something to appeal to children and young persons. I couldn’t wait to show him one of our bugs. These little fluffy things come in all sorts of colours (to match your brand?), and as well as being able to print onto the ribbon that they sit on, we can sometimes get them to hold things, in this example, it’s holding a toothbrush and toothpaste. Maybe we should call it the Dentist Bug. How could any child resist such a cute giveaway?
The best bit is they have sticky feet and will stick to almost any surface, certainly to computer screens, car dashboards, bedroom furniture, fridge doors, etc, etc. So the child is distracted, sees our client as a friendly and fun guy, and best of all, when they get home, the bug will be seen by all and sundry. That’s what we call ‘memory hook marketing’, something with longevity, that will inspire and motivate the user to talk about you.
All part of the service here at RT Promotions.

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