Blogging and Linking

The great thing about blogging is you just never know who you’ll blog/bump into next.
I had a link into my blog from this site. It’s based in Sweden, and he has some pretty cool images and ideas.

Thumb USB Flash Drive

Thumb USB Flash Drive

What a refreshing change after all of the nonsense spam links I get, to have someone in another country, simply referencing an article I’d placed on my blog!!! Magic!!!

What this site has done is to scoop up a TOP TEN list of unusual USB Memory Sticks from around the world, and guess what…. my article’s items, neat lego-like character USB Memory Stick’s, came in at number two!! Not bad eh? My personal favourite was this thumb…. I can imagine this appealing to a lot of my customers, and think it could lend itself well to some targetted marketing…

There’s some great ideas on the site, most of which I was already aware of, but I think it’s a neat idea to show a ‘Top Ten’ like that, and to not do the obvious thing and simply tell me about stuff that he’s selling. There’s items being referenced from all over the place, and I guess that is the point of blogging.

Thanks a bunch for the reference, I just wish I could leave you a message in your own language…. isn’t there a website that does that? Babelfish?

So I guess I should pick up the challenge and do my own top ten? How about the following:

  • Top Ten unusual Ballpens
  • Top Ten coffee coaster designs
  • Top Ten USB accessory

Any suggestions?

One Response to “Blogging and Linking”

  1. There certainly is a site called babelfish – I use it as a widget on one of my websites to give people who don’t speak English the opportunity to read the content. Can’t be sure about the accuracy of the syntax etc… because it is computer generated after all, but I’ve even used it to translate (roughly) foreign language emails I receive and I then compose a reply in English and use babelfish to translate it back again!

    You can find it at:

    Problem is, it doesn’t do Swedish – YET!

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