Graphic Design and Promotional Gifts

Over the past five years the industry I work in, the Personalised and Printed Promotional Gifts market, has seen dramatic changes in the way we work with graphic designers. The marketplace has been transformed by the arrival of high quality and low cost outsourced artwork services delivered direct from large studios around the world.

Outsourced Artwork

Outsourced Artwork

There are a variety of reasons for this: the increased availability and usage of the internet, lower employment costs in certain countries, and ever increasing availability of skilled art workers. The impact of these outsourced services in the UK marketplace had been fairly minimal, but with the market reaching saturation point in the US, many of these companies are looking to turn to the European markets for their future expansion.

One of the key advantages offered by outsourced artwork services is the speed at which jobs can be delivered with most companies offering a guarantee for completed jobs being returned within 4 to 24 hours!! Another key feature is the fact that many are offering fixed prices for a job, rather than an hourly rate.

But what are the downsides?

4 Responses to “Graphic Design and Promotional Gifts”

  1. outsourced work is good for less frequently done projects. but if you are looking for cheaper rates, better hire an in-house person.

  2. That’s a fair point, thanks Remy

  3. It’s all in the advice and brief. No matter who works on the designs, in-house, local agency or anywhere in the world. They will only be as good as the brief given. Listening to Richard on what works will save time and disappointment. He knows how to get the message you want on any item, then the magic in the design can do it’s best.

  4. Thanks for that Ross!!!!

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