Once again, a Promotional Gift brings a client ROI

Light-Up Heart Pen

Light-Up Heart Pen

I love it when we get ‘proof’ of Return On Investment (ROI) from one of our clients. Usually, the business just grows at the same time that they use our services… merely a coincidence!!!
One of our clients called me to thank me for the suggestion we gave him for a unique Promotional Giveaway, it had been so successful for him, that his diary was now full for months ahead. He calculated that a £300 investment in a Promotional and Personalised Gift had brought him a return of approx £20,000. I think you could safely call that a Return on Investment don’t you?

So, what’s the full story here?

My client was a wedding photographer, and he was embarking on a new business generation initiative. He was going to go and visit as many Hotels as he could manage in his neighbourhood, talk to the receptionist, banqueting manager (anyone who’d talk to him!!) and tell them about his great photography service. He was going to leave them a business card and a leaflet. He asked me if I felt a promotional gift might help him in his quest to find new business, and I had just the thing to suggest…..

Light-Up Promotional Ballpen

Light-Up Promotional Ballpen

I felt that his biggest challenge was going to be ensuring he was REMEMBERED. The people he was going to meet, effectively ‘cold calling’ them, would give him limited time, and would have their minds on other things. Anything he left them (business card, leaflet, etc) would simply be filed away. If he was really lucky, maybe his leaflet would be put on display on their ‘wedding table’. Effectively lost amongst all of the other expensive brochures for flower displays and entertainers. He needed to win the hearts and minds of the people he was talking to and what better way than a ‘light-up’ ballpen with a love heart on the top?

How did he link his business to the pen?
He was a photographer you’d LOVE working with…. and he smiled as he handed over his promotional pen.

The result? His prospects smiled back. They kept the pen. Their colleagues would all ask where they got the pen from, and they’d smile, and mention his name….. all powerful stuff, and all from the effective use of a Promotional Giveaway Pen. That’s what we call ‘memory hook marketing’… when you have ‘hooked’ into the memory of your potential clients.

He was over the moon when he phoned me up. He’d never have thought of using a pen like this as a Promotional Giveaway, and the result was he was now having to turn business away, he was that busy


3 Responses to “Once again, a Promotional Gift brings a client ROI”

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  2. Great article and intresting marketing hook. Really like your blog and how it addresses better corporate gifts. What about custom figurines or custom bobbleheads for the executive, employee or client? Great fun and everyone loves seeing themselves in a figurine. You can check out http://www.minimegifts.com


  3. Hi Mark
    Thanks for this. I’ve checked out your website and have to say that this looks like a great and original idea.
    Do you have distribution rights? Are you in the UK market?

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