This years ‘big thing’?

Imprinted Rubicks Cube

Imprinted Rubicks Cube

I heard a report on the radio this week that Woolworths are predicting the Rubicks Cube will make a return to the toys and games market and become this years biggest selling Christmas toy. It was launched onto the market in the 1970’s and sold millions, but became a fad that faded away…. faded, but not quite dead then?

It came as no suprise to me to learn that this novel and addictive puzzle/game is now available as a promotional give away, and I have to say, that for the right client, with the right branding and message, it could be just right for their next promotional activity.

It’s a battlefield out there…. so many people are fighting to be heard, and naturally, to simply cope with day to day activity, we all filter out much of what is being ‘sold’ to us. So how do you differentiate your message in amongst all of that background noise? How do you get your sales pitch heard?

Promotional gifts and personalised give aways, when imprinted with the right message and used correctly, are a powerful way to get your brand and message remembered. Think about the sort of message you would have printed onto the Rubicks Cube for example. With a Fully Personalised Rubicks Cube you could have lots of mini messages (nine per side in fact), or maybe go with a BIG image on each side… and of course, there’s six sides to play with. Your logo? Your USP? A compelling ‘call to action’? The list goes on, and the very nature of the Rubicks Cube is that your potential customers will be playing with it, trying to get your messages and images to line up…. I think thats pretty cool and very powerful for brand reinforcement. Even when your clients aren’t thinking of buying, you could be quietly getting your message across, so maybe, just maybe, when the time is right to make a purchase, they won’t forget you, and may give you a call…. that’s what we call ‘memory hook marketing’.

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