Looking After The Small Purchase Customer

We’re always busy at our offices with enquiries for Promotional Gifts or Giveaways, and are often asked, “what’s the smallest order you can process?”. Now… we could act cute and say “one”, and it would be true… we do lot sof individual orders for retirement gifts, or one-off awards but that’s not really what the questions asking. What they don’t want to do is order a 1,000 pens or keyrings, or even several hundred. They’re looking for an item and probably only want a dozen or so.

There’s always something we can provide, to a quantity, or to a budget, so we always find a solution, but one of our biggest problems was with Personalised USB Flash Drives. We ship these on a constant and regular basis. There’s no doubt that these little portable memory devices have become one of the biggest selling promotional gifts we provide. The only trouble has been, finding a way to provide them at quantities of less than 50 units….. until now!!!


The Pierre Cardin Leather USB Memory Stick is new onto the market and is deliberately aimed at this particular section of the market, by making itself available to clients at as little as ten units!!!

They’ve made things really simple by making the device available in just one memory size, but its our most popular size anyway at One Gigabyte.

This makes  lot of sense. We already have in excess of 100 USB Memory Stick options for our clients, available from 50 plus units and in an endless range of memory size options, so the Pierre Cardin USB offers a quality option previously just not available.

Another unique feature of this product is the ability for us to print individual names onto each one. Normally, you’d expect to brand each one exactly the same, so we can see this feature generating a lot of interest from  corporate’s wanting to give out truly individually personalised gifts.

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