Helping your prospects to remember you

Taking care of the detailsHave you ever wanted to contact someone, and could picture them in your mind, maybe even ‘hear’ their voice, but just couldn’t remember their name, or the name of their business, so were unable to look up their details?

Frustrating isn’t it?

Now to add to your frustration, let me add this.
In these so called difficult times, imagine if this lack of recall, affected YOUR potential business. Potential customers wanting to call you, and simply not able to recall your details….. hurts doesn’t it?

In my business, Promotional Gifts and giveaways, we call this “Memory Hook Marketing”. It’s linking something you do, to a gift thats going to be kept and used and which acts to reinforce your brand. Sublimely, you are ensuring your name filters up and offers a better chance of being remembered at that vital moment….. whenever that is.

Some of my clients have been using the Wafer-Thin Magnifying Glass as a unique way to get your business card into a wallet or purse or maybe the top drawer on your targets desks. The best, have managed to link their service, to the gift, “Taking care of the Details” has been a popular strapline to add to the gift.

Are you helping your prospects to remember you?

2 Responses to “Helping your prospects to remember you”

  1. Intersting. How could you get this to the customers?

  2. Hi Bob
    It’s wafer thin and plastic, so quite safe to post

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