Let your customers have a ‘nibble’

Promotional gifts discussion with a nibble

Promotional gifts discussion with a nibble

How hospitable are you to your clients when they come to your offices for a meeting?
I’m sure you do the usual, “tea? coffee? glass of water?” routine, but does it stop there?

I thought it was just me that bothered with the biscuits, but today I learnt differently.
To be honest, my selfless topping up of the office cookie jar was often not as selfless as I’d have you all believe…. how else can I keep those energy levels going without the occassional dip into the jar, the one I selflessly buy biscuits for whenever I do my personal shopping (I get to eat my choice you see).

Today, I read this article on the BBC website extoling the virtues of bringing biscuits into the meeting room, and it simply confirmed what I’d always known deep down. Doing business should feel ‘good’, and there’s not much better than a good biscuit to go with your drink to ensure you get the right feeling, or maybe there is, just one more thing……..

To give the ultimate brand reinforcement whilst having a cup of coffee during your meeting, you can’t go wrong with having your own personal branded coffee mugs.

branded coffee mugs

Take a look at this shot. That’s me, the bold headed one, with one of my clients, an amazing guy by the name of Alan McBray, who runs an interesting business called the Trade Mark Cafe. We thought we’d have a happy snappy to commemorate the coming together of two branded coffee mugs…. his and mine. But you get the point. Having your own logo’d coffee mugs in your meeting rooms says a certain something about you doesn’t it? If nothing else, it makes it impossible to forget your brand, and, in my business, if it’s a promotional product that’s good enough for me to use, then it must have some value right?

So, are you going to keep offering your customers a boring old coffee, from the vending machine, plastic cups, and with no nibbles, or are you going to make a lasting and favourable impression, and use a coffee mug like this particular one on our web site, it’s the Quadra Coffee Mug, and when given a choice, nine out of ten of my customers, given the right budget, would buy it.

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