Smiling In A Depression

Somebody please rescue me from the negative moaners.
I was at a networking event on Thursday, and a newcomer was telling anyone who cared to listen how bad the housing market is in the UK. He was quoting a stat (that as the day rolled on hit the main headline news), that it had just been announced by the Nationwide Building Society, that their records were showing the worst slump in house prices since 1993.

Personally, I didn’t get to chat with him, but I spoke to a young lady that did. She had purchased her first property around a year ago, and was anxious to hear what he was saying. To rub salt in the wound, he told her “you’ll have lost money already, you’ll be in negative equity before you know it”.

Helpful kind of guy eh?

Contrast that with another Estate Agent we are working with.
They recognised that the market was heading for a tough time, and decided to put together a package of ideas to stand out from the pack.


Part of their package was a really neat little promotional giveaway that I showed to them. They were going to do a simple giveaway ballpen, and then we talked about the details of how people print off the property sheets from their on-line web site, or sometimes, drop by their offices to pick up the same property sheets, and guess what they do next? They HIGHLIGHT sections of text, or, without a highlighter pen, they circle the bits that they want to stand out. What better giveaway than one that recognises this, and gives them a ‘smiley face’ highlighter pen, imprinted with their logo and contact information.

The two businesses are poles apart in their thinking aren’t they? One is going out there meeting perfect strangers, and telling them about the problems facing the UK economy, whereas the other, is literally putting on a happy face, and promoting their business in a positive fashon.

Who would you rather do business with?

3 Responses to “Smiling In A Depression”

  1. There are always those who prosper even in the ‘worst’ of times and I would have thought that is a result of looking for the positive, because let’s face it almost every negative event is only negative if you think it is. It could in fact, be the greatest opportunity one may ever experience! So thank you Richard, I really needed to see what you’ve had to say!

  2. Cheers for that Linda….
    I take it you’re a ‘glass half full’ kind of lady?

  3. I sure am …. life is for living not for enduring!

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