I’m A Dentist – How Can I Promote My Business?

Embroidered ScrubsEvery now and then, a new client comes along that raises the bar on the challenge, “How can I use a promotional gift to promote my business to generate more sales?”…. this time it was a dentist asking me the question.

My business, RT Promotions, has helped several dentist’s, but it’s always been fairly conservative stuff. We’ve helped with embroidered clothing for the front of house staff for example, and personalised name badges have proved to be very popular, but we’d not been asked for a suggestion on an appropriate promotional give away until now.

I spent some time questioning the owner, and based on his innovative approach we agreed on an unusual idea that’s turned out to be a huge success for his business.

My clients approach was to be ‘friendly and gentle’… he had a ‘fun’ outlook on his services, and so he agreed to go with my suggestion of the Toothpaste Pen.


These pens start out as a simple white tube with a screw-on cap. We imprint and personalise them for you, in any way you want…. you could for example, make it look like a tube of glue, or sealant, but in our case, with this particular client, we branded it with his logo and web address.

They first went on view at his open day to celebrate his 1st year in business. It was a great day, with an additional nine clients signing up for treatment, and certainly raised his businesse’s profile in the local community. 

The reaction to the pens has been superb. Nobody has ever seen a pen like it, and one of his clients, mistakenly packed the pen into their overnight bag thinking it was a real tube of toothpaste!!!!

AS we’ve said many times before, promotional gifts and giveaways should be targetted to bring you a return on your investment. It’s all too easy to get carried away on the spur of the moment with an item that simply appeals to YOU… it MUST get the right reaction from your target. It needs to be kept as opposed to thrown away or given to the kids… that way, it will ensue your business is sublimely creeping into their memory, we call that ‘Memory Hook Marketing’ and when you get it right, you’ll bring in increased sales from your promotional activity.

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