Smart Thinking Can Also Look Smart

I met with a client a few weeks back and he had the most amazing ‘back of a napkin’ idea for artwork to put onto some promotional T-Shirts. My tongue is in my cheek here….. it was over complicated, and would have cost him a fortune to have produced, and finally, wouldn’t have looked all that good either.

It’s difficult to tell a potential client that their idea sucks.
You risk everything by telling it straight…. don’t you?
Actually, I disagreed, I believe that telling it straight is the only way to do business. I look at it this way. I’m not saying I won’t do it, I’m just giving a professional opinion that there may be a better way. It’s all about opinions right? Have a read my earlier article I did on opinions?



Well, the best part of this is that my potential client has turned into a REAL one. He listened to the advice, and took it. He has commented on the point, telling me how much difference the final out come will be… they are still on the production line, and as long as I can get him and his fellow team mates to do it, I’ll see if I can get a team photo of them all in the finished article.

My advice is to listen to advice from people who have a level of proven expertise. You don’t have to take the advice, or act upon it, simply listen to it. It’s going to be your call on the route you ultimately decide to go forward with, but take a ‘considered’ step forward not a ‘gut feel’.

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