Using a Promotional Gift to STAND OUT

Do you have a favourite personalised promotional gift you have received?
The company that gave you it would be well pleased to hear that…. it’s like the ‘Holy Grail’ of Imprinted Gift items to find someone saying its their favourite item.


Well… we’ve got our hands on some amazing promotional items, that everyone loves to grab hold of…. so that tells me, they stand a good chance of being someones favourite, but at the very least, they will be REMEMBERED, and that after all is the point of virtually all promotional gifts, to get your business, or service, remembered.

These little ‘lego like’ characters are great fun, and come pre-printed in the shape of a variety of business sectors, so all we have to do is to put your brand or logo onto their chests, or back.

The ones in the picture, were pre-coloured as: Surgeon, Police Officer, Doctor, and Nurse.

They work by ‘pulling their heads off’ to reveal the USB plug, which when inserted into your PC, allows access to the units Flash Drive, or mobile memory device.


They look so funny when dangling out of your PC, they’re sure to get your customers talking about your brand…. so that’s another win for ‘Memory Hook Marketing’ then.

Everybody loves them, and they make such a change from the normal shaped USB Memory Sticks.

Of course, they are on my companies web site, RT Promotions, so go take a look, but I’m looking forward to giving you access to our new/replacement website soon, as that has a multi-image capability, so you’ll get to see them in much more detail.

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