Opinions and selection criteria

Having an opinion isn’t always a good thing is it?
Have you ever heard the quote,

“Opinions are like a##-holes, everyone has got one”?

I hope you don’t have a problem with my language, but I use it to demonstrate a simple point. By all means seek out opinions, by all means consider them in evaluating an issue, but remember, they need to be considered or professional opinions… not just ‘opinions’.

I’ve recently been seeking opinions on how to improve my companies presence on the web:

  • How to improve our current RT Promotions web-site
  • What do you think of my proposed new web site (I’m not showing you that just yet!!)
  • How do I seamlessly switch to my new web site.
  • Etc, etc

The advice was comprehensive, diverse and mind blowing.
It has had my head in a spin. All of the advice was sincere, and for the most part, very good.
But I can’t do it all. I need to find my path through the morass of advice.
And then I realised, they were ‘opinions’….. an arrangement of building blocks, where I got to choose what I built. I could build anything I liked, and still be listening to some of the advice. There isn’t a right or wrong answer amongst them….. time to get over it and carry on building my business, to my vision.

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