Do your customers realise how much you care?

My business, RT Promotions, is a promotional gifts and giveaways company.
So when one of my clients contacted me this week, to thank me for suggesting to him that he should consider buying and using a particular product, that in his words has been “the best ever promotional giveaway I have used in over 25 years of business“, I took a step back to absorb the content of the message.

WOW…….. thank you.
Most people only bother to contact you when they have something negative to say, so receiving an unsolicited call like this, made my day.

Do you want to know the full story?

I had met this client at a business networking lunch a few months previous, and we did the usual light-weight, getting to know you, kind of chat. Something clicked, and at the end of the lunch he asked me a direct question:

What would you recommend for my business? I am cold-calling Hotels to offer my services as a wedding photographer, and I’m thinking of leaving them a leaflet, and maybe a post-it note pad. Do you agree?”

Now, this guy was a great communicator. He had a perma-smile on his face, and had a warm, bubbly personality… I decided to push the boat out.

heart pen

heart pen

I suggested this pen. It’s basically a red translucent ballpen, with a love heart on the top. A little weird? I’ve not even started!!!!!!
When you push down to write with it, the love heart “lights up”!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I know what you’re thinking.
This is cheap, tacky, kids only stuff. What serious business could possibly use a light-up love heart pen?

You’re missing the point. This is a giveaway. It’s purpose is to ensure YOU and your business are REMEMBERED.
If you lighten up, have some fun, and put a message on the pen that’ll make your target smile when they use it, they will remember you…. and THAT is the point. We call it ‘memory hook marketing’.

Bottom line? It worked for my client. He has seen his bookings shoot through the roof, and he has no doubt whatsoever that its been as a result of these pens, and the way that he uses them. He’s told me that he calculates his current additional bookings are running at £25,000 and that’s from an investment of £200.

I just love it when I get feedback like this. It works….. it’s all about attitude.

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