Thinking outside the box

Hands up those of you that are running your own business and AREN’T looking for more business?

Looking for MORE businessThe last business I talked to that told me that was a plumber, and maybe there’s a whole other story there. The point is, we’re ALL looking for ways to increase/improve our businesses, and my message to you is to think outside the box for ways to achieve this. Ask yourself exactly ‘what’ you are doing to attract more business your way, and consider ‘where’ and ‘who’ that extra business may come from.
Have you done that?
Now, hands up all of you who consider the best route to adding extra business to your business is from NEW clients/customers?

There is another way……

This may come as a shock to you, but whatever happened to maximising your CURRENT customer/client base?
Remember, my business is not about SELLING you things you don’t want or need, it’s actually about finding ways to ensure your business is remembered. We call it ‘memory hook marketing’.

Have you ever been to meet a client, and whilst chatting, discovered that they had gone and bought a product or service that YOUR company could have provided? I bet I know how the conversation went…..
You said, “Oh, we could have provided that for you“, and they said, “I didn’t realise you did it…. sorry, if I’d known we would have come to you. Oh well, we’ll know for next time
The trouble is, the damage has been done, the deal has been lost, and you’re sat there thinking, “I know I told you we did that product/service, how come you don’t bother to remember what I tell you“?

Let me break it to you as gently as I can……
IT’S NOT THEIR JOB TO REMEMBER WHAT YOU DO….. It’s your job to HELP them to remember.

Some of my most successful customers do this as a matter of routine, they ensure their business isn’t forgotten amongst the fog of information overload that our clients have to put up with. They do this with personalised promotional gifts.

Most business people that I work with have a desk. If you can get your message onto their desk (without them knowing), then you have won. How do you do that? Simple, here’s a few examples of imprinted items, that your clients will thank you for, and which will ensure that YOUR business is remembered:
Personalised Post It Notes

Post It Notes

Your customers will love them, and you can have fun with the messages you put on them…. get noticed

Printed coffee coasters

Coffee Coasters

Yes, I know this is an image of a coffee mug, but they’re expensive to produce and give away, so go for the smart alternative, the coaster that they will put it on.

Printed and personalised pens


They’re not the most popular promotional gift item for nothing…. they work!!!

Mobile phone holder

Mobile Phone Holder

These are sure to get used, and with your brand on the chair, will ensure you never have to lose another order because “we didn’t think of you

It’s simple, its easy, and best of all, it brings a ‘smile factor’ to your relationship with your clients.
There’s loads of other ideas, and one of them is just right for you and your business.

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