A bumper sticker with a difference

Personalised Bumper stickers

Bumper stickers…. love em or hate em, they’ve been around for donkeys years (whatever that means?), and are a powerful Promotional product to use to advertise your business.

Used correctly, they literally ‘stick around’ for months or even years, all with your branding on. You see a sticker on a car, and you’ve got to read it haven’t you? A smart one will make you smile but a clever one may get you to take some kind of action. From a simple 50p or less sticker, it wouldn’t take a great deal of action to get a return on your investment would it?

So…. what’s new? Why am I blogging away about the old fashioned bumper sticker?

Good question. It’s because, if you’re business is in selling cars, there’s a sticker, that doesn’t go on the window or bumper, but could be invaluable to your business.

Want to know more?

Personalised number plate stickers

These stickers are called ‘number plate stickers’, and whilst I’m sure that all of you serious motor traders are very familiar with them, I mustn’t assume that must I?

In the UK, all forward facing number plates must be WHITE, and rear facing ones must be YELLOW. When you purchase a car ‘new’, the showroom generally print their company name and telephone number onto the number plates, small, but legible, and its stays there for as long as you don’t change the plates.

When these cars appear on the second hand market, or used car sales, they are effectively advertising another showroom. The used car showroom has three choices:

  1. Leave the number plates on the vehicle, albeit advertising another company.
  2. Remove the plates, and print off some more (expensive, but nice if you can afford it).
  3. Use these stickers, to ‘overstick’ the other company name. Much more cost effective.

We produce these little strips of stickers, 500 at a time. That means you actually get 1,000 stickers, as we give you 500 on a white tape and 500 on a yellow tape, all personalised with your own car company details!!!

Clever, simple, and low cost.

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