A Launch Party Event with an extra Sparkle!!!!

My business is all about making your business remembered. Clients that simply want a ‘pen’ often purchase a GREAT pen, and as long as the item does its job and gets a Return On Investment, we all win. After all, it’s never happened to me yet that a client comes to us wanting a pen, mousemat, coffee mug, or whetever, simply to use as a pen, mousemat, or coffee mug. They are using it with their message on, to get a result. It almost doesn’t matter what the product is, its the result it brings that matters. At RT Promotions, it’s what we refer to as ‘Memory Hook Marketing’.

We worked with a client on the run up to Christmas who were having a series of events parties. These were big deals, with a lot of money being spent to get the right people to attend, ensuring the venue was right, themed correctly, and with superb catering. They came to us for some goodie bags, printed balloons, novelties, etc and we were happy to oblige, but I was fortunate to have the opportunity to chat to the organiser. We got to chat about the theme, and the overall atmosphere they were wanting to create, and I made a suggestion that they have since told me “got the whole event off with a swing“.

Light-Up cocktail glasses

They bought into the idea of having ‘light-up’ cocktail glasses on arrival. These were heavily branded with their logo, and the theme for the events, and of course, brought a smile to everyones faces, but the biggest effect was the atmosphere they created in the room. Knowing that we were going to use these glasses, the Hotel dimmed the lights down a little more than they would have, and the result was dramatic. Loads of glamorous business people, all mingling and chatting, holding an illuminated glass of champagne. As they took a sip, their faces lit up…… bliss!!!! The event got off to a wonderful start, got everyone talking, and was a series of events that were talked about for weeks afterwards.

What events have you been to that you still remember, and why?


One Response to “A Launch Party Event with an extra Sparkle!!!!”

  1. Richard;

    Great point; corporate events can be stuffy. You need to loosen up the crowd and inventive decor can help set the mood. Not only a “mental hook” but an emotional hook too.

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