A nice touch

When you are running a major conference, you have so many things to consider and plan for. There’s the BIG things of course. The theme needs to be considered, the content must be right and consumable, is the venue right, catering, timing, etc, etc. But it’s often the small things that can make a difference to how the event ‘feels’.

We’ve worked with many companies running events, and have naturally helped with all sorts of promotional and personalised gifts, often a goodie bag for the delegates, but I was particularly struck by a client that recently went one step further.

imprinted teddy bear

Yes, they had done all of the usual stuff. The delegates had all receiver a lovely leather folder and a goodie bag. They all had beautiful personalised name badges. The keynote speakers were well researched and presented using state of the art technology…… but the organiser wanted the delegates to have a smile on their faces when they went to their beds that evening, and so he arranged for housekeeping to place a little personalised and printed teddy bear on their beds pillows.
Each bear was personalised with the individual delegates name, as well as the logo and name of the conference. The message said “Good night Richard,…. thank you for your support today“. I thought this was a clever idea and wanted to share it with you. Just think about all those delegates returning home, all with little teddy bears, with their own names on. It must be really hard to throw something so cute away, especially when it has your own name on it. So I have a vision of hundreds of these little bears, hanging around for some time to come, either in daughters or loved ones bedrooms, maybe in a secretary’s office, but all doing the same thing. Reminding you of a conference you went to, and the message you took away. Now that’s ‘Memory Hook Marketing’.


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