Shine a light on your brand

We were approached by an IT Company, looking for some low cost imprinted ballpens for their technicians to hand out when making a service call. Sometimes a request can be as simple as that, “show me three low cost ballpens we could use“, we show them three, they choose the one they like, and we all go away happy.

Budget imprinted ballpens

This time however, I managed to have a meaningful chat with the client, got to know their business and how their technicians worked with their customers a little better. What I discovered was that they were often clambering under desks or looking under ducted flooring, checking the cabling and connections, and often struggling to do so in poor lighting conditions. And that made me think about an alternative solution…..

imprinted pen/torch

I suggested these neat little pens with a built-in torch. Most pen/torch combinations are metal and therefore quite costly. These are plastic, and meant to be a bit of fun. However, in this example, they were perfect for the technicians to use when in a dark, grubby corner, were bound to receive comments from the customers, and so what better way to say , “yeh, it’s one of our company pen/torches, would you like one?” You can imagine that when given a pen thats so unique, its most unlikely you’ll throw it in your bottom drawer, in fact, you’ll probably show it off to your work colleagues, and guess what they’ll ask????

The client loved the idea, and had some fun with the messages they imprinted onto the pen, and you know, this idea will work with many more types of company….. I always love it when a client does that. Having some fun with a promotional gift says SO much more about your company, maybe even more than the product itself, and its details like this that ensure your company is REMEMBERED. Thats what my company calls ‘memory hook marketing’.

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