How important is your image?

Would you go to a conference without making an effort with your appearance?
Would you not bother with your hair? (if only I had some)…
Clean shoes? Clean shirt/blouse? etc, etc….
So why is it that so many business people I meet, leave it to the organiser to give them a name badge like this?

reusable name badges

A name badge says so much about you (literally), its almost as powerful as your business card, and you wouldn’t leave the design, layout and impactfulness of that to a stranger would you? These cheap little things are disposable badges that you often simply slip your business card into. The trouble with that system is that you usually design your business card to be picked up and read, not to stick onto your lapel and be read from a distance. More often than not, you simply can’t read the persons name in amongst all the other business card clutter. And this is all part of your ‘image’ at this event. Are you sure you want to leave this important element to chance?

There are alternatives, and we regularly work with clients that recognise the importance of a quality and personalised delegate name badge.

More and more businesses are recognising the importance of ‘networking’ often subscribing to regular, organised events. Making it easy for someone to see and remember your name is one of the top ten rules of networking. We’ve all been there haven’t we, where we have just shook hands with the tenth person in a row, and there they are calling you by your first name, and you simply can’t remember theirs. And their name badge doesn’t help as its a business card stuck in a plastic holder with their name too tiny to be read!!!

Personal Name Badge

Personal Name Badge

Think about getting your own, personal, corporate name badge. There’s loads to choose from, and they lift your image overnight. Badges range from fully encapsulated ones with metal and magnetic fixings (stops you damaging your garments with those pin enclosures) through to semi permanent ones, which look like the real deal, but have a slide-out self-print area, and are great fun to use as you can have different messages depending on the style of the event you are attending. I’ve worked with some High Street fast printers, who put their logo and individual name on, but leave room at the bottom to say “ask me how I can save you money on your print”, and they have had customers who would have simply bought a few pens and left the shop, become good value customers by this simple trick. That’s what I call a good Return On Investment.

Are you making it ways for your customers to remember you?
Does YOUR company image matter?

2 Responses to “How important is your image?”

  1. Business Cards are a waste of time as name badges. I want to give people the chance to remember my name!
    Ruscombe Smyth-Pigott

  2. Once met, you’re one person nobodies likely to forget!! But you’re right – a business card has its uses, but as a ‘name badge’ its a loser.

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