A Promotional Pen to make you STAND OUT

I just knew that this pen would go down a storm, it was simply a question of finding the right client.
A client that not only ‘got it’, but had the guts to use it as an imprinted logo pen to promote their business…
The pen in question is just so neat…. it looks like a tube of lipstick, branded of course, and then the lipstick part slips off to reveal its really a handbag sized ballpen.

lipstick penA few weeks back a trendy boutique owner spotted this pen on our RT Promotions web site, and within a few weeks was handing them out at a fashion trade show… the impact they made was amazing. People were queuing up to get onto their stand, just so they could leave with a promotional ballpen. Whilst queuing, they took an interest in the product, and sales were far higher than anticipated. Just think about that for a moment, people queuing up to get on your stand, your sales staff all dealing with enquiries, product being sold, lots of buzz, lots of excitement, and the other stands looking at you wishing they had done something more dynamic….. all because of a promotional giveaway.

I took a phone call from the owner today, she wants to place an order for another 1,000 of them, and see’s them as the best value promotion her business has ever had.

I LOVE it when its win/win like that. Our customer is over the moon, has gained business, and is now not only placing orders for more pens, but wants us to come up with yet more funky ideas for giveaways. Thats what we are in business for…. to make your business be remembered and get you a Return On Investment. Memory Hook Marketing is what we call it!!


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