Getting noticed at a trade show

We have been working with a company these past few days who are launching a new magazine at an upcoming Trade Show. The magazine will, I’m sure, speak for itself. The challenge they have is in getting people to pop by their exhibition stand and get people to pick one up.

There’s countless ways we could have approached this, but we ultimately suggested ‘carrier bags’. At a trade show, everybody loves carrier bags. You need them to snap up all those goodies that are being handed out, as well as for the multitude of sales brochures you’ll doubtless be handed. You can never have enough personalised carrier bags!!!

Personalised carrier bags

The trick however, isn’t the ‘bag’…. as with so many imprinted items, it’s not the item, but it’s the branding you put on it. I’m delighted to announce that our client has gone with an amazingly powerful image to go onto the bags. (It’s not the one illustrated as its not public yet, but you get the idea)

Carrier bags are mobile billboards for your brand, and in this particular example ticks off all of the relevent boxes: who, what, when, where, how and why. If we had only had more time, a step further would have been to co-ordinate this promotional activity with the organisers of the show and to have had the bags handed out to every visitor at the registration desk. Although, in some ways, maybe this will work better for my client? My vision is that the image is so compelling, I’m hoping that visitors will ask anyone walking around with the bag where they got it from…. “Excuse me, which exhibitor did you get that from?”….. Memory Hook Marketing anyone?

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