Medical Conference Needs Promotional Giveaways

We had a call during the week, that came in via our web site, and they really liked the look of some printed and personalised USB Flash Drives we had showing

USB Memory Stick

The USB Flash Drive market, or ‘memory sticks’ as they are sometimes called, is a thriving area within the imprinted promotional gifts marketplace, and this particular one, shaped like a medical syringe, is an amazingly powerful one to have. Unfortunately, they had left it too late in the day to get these little things produced, personalised and delivered in time for their conference….. shame, as they would have been perfect for their needs.

So, what do we do? Walk away, and leave the client to solve the problem?
NO…. not our style. We had a chat, and discovered it was the ‘syringe’ element of the gift that particularly impressed them, so we found an alternative gift, which also had a ‘syringe’ element. We found them a syringe ballpen/highlighter pen!!!!!

Imprinted highlighter pen

They were amazed and delighted in equal measures. We printed their logo and promotional message onto the pens, and they are on-schedule to be delivered a few days ahead of the conference.

Have you ever received a targeted and unusual promotional gift? Did you keep it?

2 Responses to “Medical Conference Needs Promotional Giveaways”

  1. dear Sir.

    I really like the look of these USB’s. How do I buy them?

  2. Hi Jehjad

    I’ve dropped you an email from my company website.

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