Promoting Your Company Shouldn’t Be A Lottery

You can have a lot of fun, thinking of compelling ways to get your business noticed, and you probably wouldn’t imagine a ‘keyring’ would be one would you? Well think again, and take a look at this imprinted keyring.

Personalised lottery keyring

When I saw this neat little keyring, I wasn’t at all sure how it could be used to promote one of my clients businesses. It’s basically a lottery number random generator. A keyring, full of little balls, some of them in a different colour, so that when they all fall into place, your lottery numbers have been randomely selected for you. But…. what’s that got to do with my clients’ businesses?

Its simple really. By placing an appropriate imprint onto the rear, you now have a keyring that’ll stick around for years, re-inforcing your brand/message every time its used. Potentially, once a week!!!

But what businesses do I work with that have ANYTHING to do with the lottery? Well try these as suitable imprints on the back of the keyring:

  • Insurance Broker: Don’t gamble with your insurance.
  • Powerboat Showroom: Call us when you win.
  • Building Contractors: Lifes a lottery, our quality isn’t.

Do you get the idea? Even if/when your customers don’t win, they’ll get the message, and with a bit of luck, will have a smile on their faces whenever they choose their next selection. Job done. Memory Hook Marketing.

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