Is your company giving a ‘green’ message

I had an enquiry from one of our existing customers asking what his company could do to promote the fact that they were “environmentally friendly”? He was very keen to use some kind of promotional product as he’d used such things before (pens, rulers writing pads) and found them to be particularly effective.
To be tuthfull, my company hadn’t sold any “environmentally friendly” products before, so I didn’t know where to start…… I did some some research.
WOW…….there’s a whole new world of stuff that I hadn’t even looked at before. So much in fact, that I’ve decided to put a special link on my company web site, here, at RT Promotions. Please be patient by the way as there’s loads more to add, but at least there’s a link there that wasn’t there two weeks ago!!!
I now realise that this is a huge growth area for promotional products and that my company needs to reflect as much in its offerings. It stands to reason that if your company has a USP (Unique Sales Proposition or Unique Selling Point) of being in tune with the environment, and let me tell you that more and more companies do… then you need to TELL people you are doing this. What better way than with a pen thats been made from recycled Sony Playstations, or a ruler made from recycled vending machine cups, or a pencil-case made from recycled car tyres, etc etc.
I realise I’ve been a bit slow….but just watch me catch up!!!
Is your company environmentally friendly?

Do you make sure your customers know this fact?

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