It’s ‘blinking’ obvious

My business means I get to see all kinds of promotional gizmo’s. Trends that come and go, the next BIG thing that flys high, shines brightly, and dies on it’s feet within the year…… we’ve seen them all. Every now and again though, something catches our eye, and you find yourself thinking, “WOW, I can think of one or two of our customers who will benefit from using this product“.That’s exactly what happened to me last week. I’d heard about these personalised solar powered keyrings that would electronically flash your company logo or message, and had thought, “why, what’s the point?” Then I got hold of a few, and it altered my view immediately. They’re really neat, tactile, and present your image, logo, message in a professional manner. I put one down absent-mindedly next to my pc and mobile phone, and the blinking thing (literally) just keeps grabbing my attention. Now how powerful is that?  At £2 each and a minimum order of 1,000 they’re not the cheapest promotional item in the toolbox, but as long as it’s right for your company and it brings results, you’re not going to worry are you?Just this week I was at a business lunch and had been showing one to a business owner and had then left it on the table. The chap who was sat next to me was a director from a local commercial radio station, and he couldn’t keep his hands off of it. He said, “that thing really works doesn’t it? It just keeps drawing my eyes back to it. I think we are going to need to consider something like that“.

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