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How To Build Loyalty From Your Customers

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For anyone with a customer-facing business, building ‘loyalty’ from your clients has got to be the main challenge hasn’t it? They’ve met you, sampled your products or services, and now you’d like them to return.

Now you could argue that if you’re any good at what you do, your customers will return anyway, so I guess, for you, there’s no problem!!! You never lose any of your clients to competitors do you? I bet there’s not many business owners that would make that statement….

So how could you go about building loyalty, and how could my company, RT Promotions, help you?

Loyalty Cards

For many of our clients, the answer has been to use a ‘loyalty card’.

We offer these cards for use as either Membership Cards, Loyalty cards or even VIP Cards, and then brand them to our clients own personal spec, and in the example I’m showing you here, that’s a beautiful full colour image of a traditional English pub, complete with thatched roof. The cards can have a magnetic strip on the back, for use with swipe machines, can be individually numbered, as well as having a signature strip. The possibilities are endless, but it’s ‘how’ you use them that will ultimately encourage your customers to pay you a repeat visit.

As a promotional gift item they are perfect: they go direct to the individual person you want them to, their use is measured, and your return on investment is visible.

A promotional Gift To Break The Ice

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It’s still only October and yet I had to scrape the ice off of my windscreen on Monday morning, and would you believe it, I couldn’t find my windscreen ice scraper from last winter. Driving into the office I pondered on that fact, and decided to put together a unique promotional offer, giving my clients the opportunity to have several hundred promotional gifts that will be ahead of the game, well received, as well as being a bargain.

Ice Scrapers are promotional gifts that will hang around for years, and with your name, logo and message on them, are brilliant ‘Memory Hooks’.

Promotional Ice Scraper - OFFER

The Perfect Promotional Gift For Use With Mailshots

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There’s no disputing that ‘lumpy mail’ stands more chance of being opened than the standard leaflet/letter drop stuff, so it seems to me, that if you’re going to go to all the time, effort and expense of creating a mailshot campaign, it has to be effective, it has to bring you a return on your investment (ROI), and a promotional gift is a sure fire way to achieve that. But which one?

Here at RT Promotions, we try hard to not just sell our clients the first thing they ask for, we’ll usually ask them a few questions, not least, “How are you going to give these to your target market”. It may seem a daft question, but its an important one. You may be handing them out on the street or at a trade show, you may be giving them to folk you personally meet, you may be putting them into a goody bag, and lastly, you may be mailing them. Take a coffee mug for example. They’re a brilliant promotional gift, but, if you’re mailing them out, you’d better allow for a couple of things: 1: the costs of mailing such a lumpy/heavy item, and 2: the amount of broken mugs you’ll probably get.

Here in the UK, the mail system ‘measures’ the package you are going to post, and the cheapest item is referred to as a ‘letter’. To get your package classed as a ‘letter’, amongst other things, it mustn’t exceed a certain width, something like 10mm. At that width, practically all of the most effective promotional gifts are excluded, even the printed promotional pen can no longer be sent by letter post. So what can, and what’s effective?

Printed Fridge Magnets

Printed Fridge Magnets

Printed Fridge Magnets.
They’re perfect for the post, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, are printed in full colour (allowing your imagination to run wild with the visuals), and are available at a low cost – perfect for lumpy mail. It used to be the case that to get an unusually shaped magnet you’d have to pay for a set-up/cutter, but that’s hardly ever the case these days, with literally hundreds of pre-formed and pre-cut shapes for you to select from.

If you get the image right, these printed fridge magnets will hang around for ages. Think of all that memory hook marketing they’ll get. each time your customer walks by the magnet, they’ll subliminally see your brand or message. At such a low cost, these little promotional giveaways are sure to bring you a return on investment.

A Promotional Pen That’s Mightier Than An Advertising Hoarding

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How can that be?, I hear you ask, well that’s because IT IS an advertising hoarding!!! This unique promotional pen has a pull-out banner, with all-over print, giving you a massive amount of space to put your sales message across yet its still a pen.

Massive print area on the mini pull-out banner

With a massive 68 x 200mm full colour print area onto the mini pull-out banner, these Banner Ballpens give you loads of options for selling and promoting your message.

Perhaps the weakest point of a normal ballpen is the limitation on how much you can print onto the barrel or clip, generally, not a lot, so here at RT Promotions we’re finding this promotional ballpen is going down a storm with clients that need to get a lot of print in front of their customers. The mini banner is spring loaded, and pulls out to reveal an advertising hoarding. When released it pulls back into the pen, allowing the pen to be used in its intended function.

Perhaps the best thing about this pen is that its a ‘water cooler’ pen. You’ll find yourself playing with it, talking about it, and showing it to your colleagues, now that’s what I call Memory Hook Marketing!!

Promotional Pens have been a top-selling line for years, topping all of the lists I’ve ever seen for ‘the most effective promotional gift’, and its been successful for a reason… we all have a stash of them, so a printed promotional pen is a really simple way to put your name, your logo, your contact details, etc, into your customers hands. It’s a commonly held belief that the average promotional pen exchanges hands five times in its lifetime. In other words, your promotional pen, with your printed message on it, will be owned, held and used by five different owners…. I’d guess this has an impact on its effectiveness wouldn’t you??

I’ve Moved

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I’ve decided to move the blog onto my website, and would love you to keep in touch, so follow this link, to the all-new Blog, entitled Promotional Gifts Blog. It’s the same style of content, all from me, Richard Mack, just in a different location.

Want To Get Into Your Client’s Fridges?

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Everybody has a fridge don’t they? So if you could somehow, get your companies message into a fridge, how powerful would that be? So, there’s just one problem… just how on earth are you going to get folk to place your company logo or message into their fridges? Go on, take a look in your fridge, and apart from the usual consumer products in there, I bet you don’t have anyone advertising to you. So, what’s the answer?
Printed Fridge Thermometer

Printed Fridge Thermometer

Take a look at these printed fridge thermometers.
They are such a simple promotional gift idea, but then, the best ones usually are. They have a built-in colour coded temperature guide, to let you know that your fridge is functioning at the correct temperature, and the best bit is, we can print the top area with your company brand, logo, or message.

It’s not often I come across a promotional gift that will work in both the domestic marketplace as well as the commercial one, but this one does. I think this will work best on a subliminal level. Every time you open the fridge you see a logo or message, and it will slowly seep into your subconscious. That’s what we call ‘Memory Hook Marketing’. No hard sell, just gradually getting your point across, so that when the client wants to make a purchase, it’s YOUR company that springs to mind first. With prices as low as 75p, can you imagine the return on investment you’d get, if just ONE client purchased from you??

Are Stress Toys An Effective Promotional Product?

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The whole point of a promotional gift, is that it needs to be effective. Now ‘effective’ can mean different things to different people, but for the most part, and especially with something like a Promotional Stress Toy, it will usually mean: “does it make my business or service remembered”.

Stress Toy Heart

Heart Shaped Stress Toy

Most people will use a promotional stress toy a bit like a 3D business card…. you’re trying to get the recipient to remember you, to like you, and hopefully think of you when they need whatever it is that you are selling. Here at RT Promotions we call that kind of thinking ‘Memory Hook Marketing’. You’re not being pushy and asking for the sale right now, you’re hoping that your 3D business card is kept long enough that you get the business when the time is right.

Most promotional gifts, in fact the BEST promotional gifts, are USEFUL. They’re kept because you like /want them. They may not be sexy/clever/funky or funny, they may not even light up, but you’ll keep them because you think you’ll use them. So my question is, “what am I meant to do with a stress toy”?

I have a theory, that long after the seminar where they are handed out, or the trade show where they get a smile and are picked up and stuffed into the goody bag, that they end up either:
A: In the bottom of the rubbish drawer, or
B: Given to the dog

A Stress Toy - shaped like a chicken

A Stress Toy – shaped like a chicken

Now, there are always exceptions, and I have a client who really works at making their promotional stress toy to be effective. Their business, The Swan Company, amongst other things, ‘takes the ‘cold’ out of cold calling’. They have a phrase that says something like, “are you a chicken when it comes to making phone calls”, and as a result, whilst their logo is a swan, they give away stress chickens. But here’s the really clever bit…. they don’t just hand them out to anyone. You have to earn one. They are only given to you if you choose to have a consultative meeting about your telemarketing. Clever that. The owner talks about the chickens, shows you the chickens, and will even let you hold one of her chickens, but you can’t have one without having a meeting!!! Best of all, it gets people talking (like I’m doing now), about her business… ‘memory hook marketing?

As an effective marketing tool it’s been first rate with a very high conversion rate. I must ask her to tell me what her return on investment is, as I seem to recall, that getting maybe just two new customers from this promotional gift initiative would more than pay for the costs… the rest would be pure profit, and the last time we spoke she had had around half a dozen customers sign up.

Printed Flags To Get Your Brand Noticed

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Sometimes the best ideas are so obvious, so BIG, that you overlook them. Take printed flags for example. You see them all the time, branded and personalised for various companies, and yet, they are not on the top of eveyones list of great promotional products to purchase for your marketing campaign.

Promotional Flags For Your Event

Promotional Flags For Your Event

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of having a printed flag to promote your business:

You don’t need to order large quantities, we can print just ONE.

Their very nature means they ‘move’ and flutter, and even make a little noise, thereby catching your targets attention.

They’re BIG and therefore sure to get noticed.

They last a long time, giving you years of added value.

RT Promotions print all our promotional flags in FULL colour, allowing you to let your imagination run wild with the colours and images, all at the same price.

Our flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

All of our flags fold away into an easy to handle carry case, perfect for stowing away in your car after an event, as well as for easy storage back at the office.

They’re easy to put up, just minutes from your arrival, the flag will be flying.

We don’t charge you for a change in design, so you can purchase a range of different styles, all the better for creating impact whenever they’re on view.

As was stated earlier, flags are subliminal, they’re ‘just there’ aren’t they? That makes them perfect to reinforce your brand or message in a gentle/continual way, that’s what we call ‘memory hook marketing’

Top Ten Tips For Buying A Printed Coffee Mug

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Printed Coffee Mugs have been one of the top-selling promotional gifts for years, and it’s no wonder. If you take your time and get the small details correct, a branded coffee mug will hang around for years, promoting your message even when the mug isn’t being used!!! My company RT Promotions, supplies printed and personalised coffee mugs to clients all over the world, and we get to see some great ideas, and some not so great. We’d recommend that you consider the following top ten points when budgeting for promotional coffee mugs:

  • Why choose yet another ‘white’ mug? Choose a colourful pre-glazed mug that will get your message noticed.
  • Why not turn the colour of the mug, into your brand? On some mugs we can colour-match to your brand.
  • The more stylish mugs often have the smallest printable areas for you to brand.
  • The classic mugs often have the larger printable areas for you to brand.
  • Remember to ask for the cost of the ‘carriage’. Mugs are heavy and fragile and expensive to deliver.
  • You’ll struggle to give just ‘one’ mug to every client, budget for between two and four per office.
  • Need a ‘classy’ look? Consider getting bone china instead of the commonly-used earthenware ones.
  • Mugs are great to hand out at an event, but expensive to package and individually post.
  • Most, but not all mugs will allow you to have a different print on the front and back for the same cost.
  • To stand out from the crowd, consider alternative printing methods. Take a look at some of the alternatives.

Do YOU Have A Tasty Business Card?

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Take a look at your business card. Go on. Get one in your hand and take a look at it.

  • Are you proud of it?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Does it make it easy for the recipient to remember ‘what’ you do?

If you said ‘No’ to any of those questions, you’d better go get some new ones printed, but before you do, please get some advice.

I gave a presentation to a small group of business owners the other week based on making their businesses memorable, part of which focussed on the humble business card. You can take a look at the presentation if you like, it’s on my Richard Mack Linked In profile. As part of my research I went through my business card file (it’s pretty big with over 1,000 cards), and took out some good examples, and some not so good, and was shocked at some of the basic errors. When you consider that the business card is the most basic of all marketing tools, and that every business has one, you’d think they’d all be great wouldn’t you?

Business Card Mints

Tasty Business Cards

I remember the time when I used a business card that was a little different, and boy did it get a reaction (all good). I was going to a big networking event where many people already knew me, they already had my card. I couldn’t get a new card printed as I was unsure what my new telephone number would be, but needed folk to know my other details, even if the card was temporary.  So I chose these business card mints. made with a very thin plastic case that’s the same size as a business card, they contain mints. The outside of the card can be branded, and in my case I had some fun with the words, saying something like “For a fresh approach to promotional gifts“. I knew that once the mints were eaten the card would be disposed of, but that was OK, as by then, I’d be in possession of my new business cards.

People still talk about the time I had a minted business card, and best of all, I gained a new client directly as a result of handing him this card. His words were, “I knew you would be someone that could help me and my business differentiate ourselves as soon as you gave me your card”. Over the course of two years, his average spend with my business was £2,000 per annum, all from a card that cost less than £1. that’s what I call a Return On Investment.


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